Have you had enoughof the traditional approach?

We did, that’s why we set out to create an agency that
works differently. Whether you need a digital campaign,
design, branding or advertising.

Our aim is to always enhance your performance
across every stage of the customer life cycle,
from acquisition to retention.


Because the way we work is different.

We don’t believe in the gap between clients,
creative and UX design. With us you work directly
with your own dedicated creative team,
in fact you become a part of the creative team.


Firstly, you get to where you want to go faster
and more efficiently.No more misguided briefs
or misunderstood interpretations.

And secondly, this is the part we love most,
the whole process is fun, enjoyable and
the results will speak for themselves.

Lewis Frost
Technical Director

Having worked for a number of the top advertising agencies in London. Lewis wanted to create his own team to create beautiful work.

Christopher Hubert
Creative Director

I've been in advertising my whole life. One of the main reasons we started Curse & Cure was so we could create amazing work no one else is even thinking of doing.

Alex Birch
New Business Director

Our touter - Alex has years of experience in client acquisition & servicing. He'll be your point of call if you work with us.